Types Of Gouldian Finch Mutations

gouldian finches in the sunGouldian mutations are very uncommon in the wild as the bright colors are very easily spotted by predators.

There  are many color variations which have have bred in captivity over the years.

White Breast Mutation

The first form of gouldian mutation is the white breast.
It is the same as the normal gouldian except it has a white colored breast. It is found in all three head colors.

The white breasted gouldian is recessive. It is either visible or hidden.

The hidden or unseen white breast is what is known or termed as a split.

That is split for the white breast. It is possible that a gouldian may be split for white breast as it is not visible.

The only way you can be sure a gouldian finch has the mutation of white breast is if one of its parents has a visible white breast the other parent can even have no white breast what so ever.

If this is the case no visible white breast will be present as all the offspring will be split for white breast.

white breasted gouldian finch hen

The ideal way of breeding gouldian finches for this mutation to guarantee that the white breast mutation is passed on to all of the young is with one parent bird to have a white breast and the other parent bird to be split for white breast.
This theoretically produces half of the young gouldians to have a visible white breast and the other half to be split for white breast.

The Lilac Breast

The only difference between the lilac breasted gouldian and the normal is the breast color.

The lilac breast first appeared in the United Kingdom from breading split white breasted and white breasted gouldian mutations.

Some white breasted gouldian mutations may have patches of lilac. This mutation is recessive in the normal but dominant in the white breasted mutation.

The Yellow Back

gouldian mutations

Single Factor Yellow Back

The Yellow back is a co-dominant sex linked mutation. It is only present if you can actually see it not like the white breast gouldian mutation where it may be a split for white breast.

The yellow back can not be a split for this mutation. The male can be either a double factor or a single factor in the yellow back. The female can only be a single factor for the yellow back mutation.

The single factor yellow back can be either purple breasted or white breasted. The purple breasted male looks like a normal except the green on its back is a lighter green and all of the black is not present.

Instead it is a grayish blue as seen in the photo on the right. The hen looks like the double factor in both the purple and the white breast.

Double Factor Yellow back

gouldian finch white breasted double factor yellow back male


The double factor is only found in the male. It is found in both white and purple breasted.

The white breasted yellow back has a beautiful bright yellow back color and all the black coloring of the normal is not present.

The purple breasted yellow back has a yellow green back color. The black is not present also.

The Blue Back

The green in the blue back is replaced by blue. Their body is a creamy yellow to a white color. The blue back is recessive genetically.

The blue breasted gouldian is quite difficult to breed out of all the gouldian mutations successfully due to it being such a recessive gene.

They are the least common out of all of the types of gouldin finch mutations.


  1. can two split to white breast goudians produce white breasted chicks?

  2. Hi Manuel,
    The two split for white breast parents will produce white breasted young at a ratio of one quarter.
    As long as the parents actually carry the white breast mutation.
    It is always best if the parents visibly have the white breast, then you know that all the young will be white breast then and not just carry the white breast mutation.

  3. Can you breed two yellow backs with yellow breast

  4. Hi, you can bread two yellow backs. Not sure about the yellow breast.

  5. what are your thoughts on breeding two white chested birds together? How about two blues?

  6. Hi Charlue. It would be a good idea to bread two white breasted mutation gouldians, because you know that all of the offspring would show the white breast and not just carry the mutation in the back ground. If you can afford to bread two blues you are doing alright. The blues are expensive and are not as resilient as other gouldians.

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