Gouldian Health

The gouldian finch requires a clean supply of drinking water provided to them to maintain good gouldian health.

Like most animals water is more of a priority than food to sustain life.

Ideally there water supply needs to be checked and renewed daily or as required.

A great way of keeping the water clean and free of algae is to add a product called aviclense to their water.

It is a liquid which is added to the drinking water which keeps it nice and clean.

It is manufactured by a company based in Australia called VetaFarm.

Aviclense can be added to water in their pond or rock pools also.

Vetafarm produce a large range of bird supplements and medication also.

Gouldian Health

The gouldian finch diet is very specific.

It basically comprises of seed and greens.

They can be provided with a supplemented diet of egg and biscuit, cuttle fish bone, oyster shell and egg shells which will maintain good gouldian health.

Gouldian Health

The housing that is provided for your gouldian finches it extremely important, especially if you are in a cold climate region of the world.

If the birds are kept in an outdoor aviary it needs to be built specifically for the gouldian finches or gouldian health will be at risk.


  1. avatar Tracy Gould says:

    Lately my lady gouldian female is puffy alot.
    Also I noticed a small bald spot under her neck.
    She still eats and is active. Why so puffy?

  2. Hi Tracy. There are a number of reasons that a hen may look puffed up by ruffling up its feathers. The most common reason is that obviously it is not feeling well. If it is too cold? The hen may be egg bound which means that it has an egg that has not been laid due to it not being mature enough, the shell of the egg may be too thin also. If the hen is egg bound then a hospital cage is recommended. Without knowing the full details of the hens situation such as its age, if it is laying eggs, is only new to the aviary and its conditions or has a health condition. I hope this helps you.

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