Gouldian Finch Leg Rings

There are two basic types of gouldian finch leg rings that I use.

These are the split leg ring and the closed leg ring.

The Split Leg Ring
Split gouldian finch leg rings are very easy to place an the gouldian finches leg.

It can be fitted at any time and at any age.

It is available in a rang of colors and designs.

I use a split ring of a particular color say yellow for example to fit to both the male and the hen if they are a well matched breeding pair.

This way when it comes time to prepare the gouldians for the next breeding season.

I can easily find the same pair to place in a selective breeding box together again very easily.

If the birds were not identifiable it can be difficult to remember which birds I paired up the previous year.

Main Types Of Finch Leg Rings

The Closed Leg Ring
young gouldian finch with closed leg ring
Closed leg rings are used by most gouldian finch enthusiasts.

It can only be placed on the leg of a gouldian when it is a baby.

Unlike the split leg ring the closed leg ring is a permanent type of leg ring once they are fitted they will be there for the life of the bird.

They are available in a range of colors and alphanumeric characters of your choice.

The best way to learn how to fit a closed leg ring on a baby gouldians leg is to be shown by someone that has experience at placing closed leg rings on birds.
gouldian finch split leg rings in a range of colors
The young bird should be no older that 9 days old or it will get too large to place a leg ring on.

But if the bird is too young the ring will fall off.

First hold the bird it your left hand if you are right handed.

Point the two front toes forward then slide the leg band on slowly until it is fully over the two back toe nails.

If the band is not fully over the young birds nails a tooth pick can be used to gently release the rear toes.
closed finch leg rings with custom numbers
After completing the banding of the new gouldian document the birds details,

The parents genetics, the date the bird eventually fledges or leaves the nest and the color and number of the closed band.

 Leg Bands Or Rings Suppliers

Leg Band Suppliers

Closed and split leg rings can be purchased from large bird societies and clubs all over the world.

They can be custom made by a company called Chapman Rings in Mortdale NSW Australia if you live in Australia or are willing to have them send the rings overseas.


  1. avatar Lucynda Rodriguez says:

    Is there any place in the USA, 52732 area where I can find these leg rings?

  2. Sorry not sure if there is anywhere local.
    You may have to do a Google search for them.

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