Gouldian Finch Diet

The gouldian finch diet mainly consists of a mixture of seed and green foods.

The most common seeds a gouldian finch consumes include canary seed, panicium millet, white millet, Japanese millet and millet spray.

A Well Balanced Diet

Protein is specified in two categories, animal and vegetable protein.

The animal proteins the gouldian does consume are bread and milk.

The easiest way to serve this is to soak the bread in a low fat milk.

This is a supplement to their regular diet generally provided through out the year.

The left over portion if any should be removed and discarded by midday if prepared in the morning.

The majority of the gouldians dietary protein is derived from a range of seed and green foods.

Egg and biscuit is great to add to a gouldian finch diet. The advantage of the egg and biscuit is that is will last allot longer than freshly boiled eggs or milk soaked bread.

The gouldians staple diet consists of a mixture of seed all year round. These seeds include canary seed, white millet, panicium and Japanese millet.

You may think the gouldian wastes allot of seed by not eating it all but it is very selective with the particular types of seed it eats. Niger seed is supplied in the gouldians diet also. It is a very oily seed so it is supplied in small quantities.

It is supplied to the birds in the colder season. Hens should be supplied niger seed leading up to breeding and continued until laying has been completed.

The greens consist of seeding grasses broad leaf plants and weed seeds.

Thistle dandelion and chick weed are provided to the gouldian finch all year round or while available.
Greens that are wilted or that have been gathered from a location that may be exposed to pollutants like car exhaust, chemicals, pesticides, animal urine or other pollutants should definitely not be given to your birds.

Greens are best supplied to your finches early in the day and in small quantities rather than the evening as gouldians should only fill their crops with seed for the night.

Gouldians require a certain amount of grit in their diet for good health. Grit can be either soluble or non soluble. It is great if your birds have access to exposed or open soil such as in an open flight floor. You will find them roaming around and pecking at the open soil.

Provide your gouldian finches cuttle bone and oyster shell. The oyster shell is a great source of iodine which is very important in a gouldians diet to maintain good gouldian health.

Egg shell which has been boiled in water is also very good for the gouldian also.

Most gouldian finch diets are supplemented with a range of different foods.

Egg and biscuit can be provided to help boost the diet of gouldian finches.

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