Gouldian Finches For Sale

When trying to find gouldian finches for sale.

You should preferably purchase your gouldians from a gouldian finch breeder.

If local breeders are not available then your next option is to try your local pet shops.

Finding Gouldian Finches For Sale Online

If you are quite new to gouldians I recommend you purchase a book speed up your learning curve as they are written by experts.

There are lots of great comprehensive range of gouldian books with photos of gouldian mutations available online.

The birds will be of a higher quality than those found in most pet shops and are normally cheaper also.

The time of year you normally find gouldian finches for sale is after they have completely finished their first full feather molt.

This is to minimize the stress on the birds.

Only buy a gouldian if it has finished its first molt completely and if it is fully colored up.

It is advisable to purchase them with leg rings fitted.

They will need to transported in a small fully enclosed transport box which has adequate ventilation.

You should not transport them in the boot of the car or on a seat in case the car is stopped suddenly and they crash to the floor.

Provide the gouldian finches with a sprinkle of seed on the base of the cage and it is preferable to only transport them a short distance especially on a hot day.

When putting them into your aviary they should be kept in a quarantine cage for a period of time.

There have been people who have placed new gouldian finches in with their colony and have lost all of their birds.

Some gouldian finches are what we call carriers.

They basically carry a disease but do not show any symptoms of the disease.

So it is highly advisable to quarantine all new gouldians before adding them to your current stock especially if unsure of the new birds background.

Gouldian Finches For Sale

Currently I do not have any Gouldians For Sale.

I will advise everyone on this page when I have more available.


  1. avatar Gary Richards says:

    We are planning a move from the U.S. to Uruguay, and we wonder if there is a source of Gouldian Finches (or other finches) in Montevideo or Punta Del Este (or elsewhere in Uruguay.) Many thanks for your advice!

  2. Hi Gary. If you asked me about where to source gouldians in Australia I would be able to help guide you in the right direction. You might have to try a local google search of Montevideo or Punta Del Este.

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