Candling Torch


The candling torch is used to inspect gouldian eggs in the early stage of nesting. It is used to check if a birds eggs are fertile or not.
The light is placed up against the egg.

Gouldian Finch Leg Rings


There are two basic types of gouldian finch leg rings. These are the split leg ring and the closed leg ring.
Split gouldian finch leg rings are very easy to place an the gouldian finches leg. It can be fitted at any time and at any age.

Hospital Cage


The hospital cage is a very important piece of equipment for any finch breeder.
It is used to keep a sick finch warm in climates that are quite cold.
Learn how to build one that works to help save the life of your sick birds…

Gouldian Finch Pictures


Here is a range of gouldian finch pictures taken of my gouldian finch outdoor aviary.
The photos are of normal gouldians,white breasted gouldians, single factor yellowbacks and double factor yellow back gouldian finches also.

Gouldian Finches For Sale


When trying to find gouldian finches for sale.
You should preferably purchase your gouldians from a gouldian finch breeder.
If local breeders are not available then your next option is to try your local pet shops.

Gouldian Books

gouldian books

The top recommended gouldian books available. We have provided a list of quality books and provided a Breif review of their information content, photo and picture quality.