Candling Torch

The candling torch is used to inspect bird eggs in the early stage of nesting. It is used to check if a birds eggs are fertile or not.

The light is placed up against the wall of the egg and the light passes through the eggs shell lighting up its contents.

If the egg is fertile a network of veins is visible inside, if the egg is not fertile the contents will be clear.

Only a yoke will be visible with the candling torch.

The candling torch I use is made out of a piece of garden irrigation pipe for the main shaft.

A high intensity white or clear Led is used to produce the light.

The power supply is a lithium battery switched on and off by a micro switch.

Purpose built candling torches can be purchased online or you could use a small pen light torch.

How To Use A Candling Torch

The candling torch should be used to check the gouldians eggs after the last egg has been laid.

Try to be a bit discreet and not stress the parents out too much when checking the eggs.

candling torch
Tap gently on the side of the nest box before disturbing the birds if they are inside still.

This  gives them a chance to fly out before inspecting the nest box.

Do not check or disturb the parents too often.

This is very important or they may abandon  the eggs in the nest box.

The eggs have to be incubated for about five days.

By checking the eggs for fertility saves the birds from having to incubate eggs that are not fertile.

They can then focus on the fertile eggs until they hatch.


  1. avatar Gadadhar says:

    Beautiful blues! May I suggest offering them a shallower dish so that they can have a better bath. Mine always literally jump straight in their shallow bath and they love it!

  2. I only fed the babies three times a day. They were geting ready to leave the nest by this time and I noticed the yellow backs weren’t being feed as much as the green backs. So I decided to just top them up. Good luck!