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Gouldian health plays a major role in the aviary. It is not just the cold that causes fatalities but a lack of knowledge of the bird itself. Although the gouldian finch comes from a tropical climate it can and it does acclimatize itself to cooler climates and can breed more readily than some of the other Australian finches. gouldian finch Breeding gouldian finches in colder climates is achievable. They even do remarkably well in England and even in colder places such as Canada, where they breed successfully also. Gouldians can be acclimatized to various climatic conditions if you know how to treat them correctly. If you treat this finch in the same way as other Australian grass finches then you will have failures.

Gouldian Nest boxes

I make gouldian nestboxes out of chipboard. The entrance hole is about 30mm positioned at the front of the box. There are two methods of setting up a perch or a platform below the hole. The perch is easy to mount but the problem can be that the finch will have trouble trying to transfer a beak full of nesting material into the box . A small platform mounted below the entrance hole allows the bird to pass a beak full of nesting material through the hole easier.

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gouldian books

gouldian books

The absolute key to this finch is solid knowledge. Obtaining experience and knowledge takes time or is fast tracked by learning from other gouldian aviculturists or from good quality gouldian books. These methods are highly recommended. Try to join a bird club for example or an online forum. You may have a local bird club with members who are finch fanciers that will be more that willing to share their knowledge with you. Understanding the likes and dislikes of the gouldian is the key to success along with a well designed and constructed outdoor aviary. The correct housing of the gouldian finch is extremely important. It is unlike all of the other Australian finches in that at the bottom of their feathers they have what is termed "down" which is for the purpose of keeping most birds warm. However, gouldians lack such down.

Breeding Gouldians

gouldian finch aviary

Outdoor Aviary

A well constructed outdoor aviary is the foundation to your bird breeding success.
There are many factors that are needed to be considered when designing a great outdoor aviary.

colony bird finch breeding room

Selective And Colony Breeding Gouldian Finches

When breeding gouldian finches in captivity, breeding is triggered by giving them a diet that is protein rich.
But In nature, the reproductive season of the gouldian finch is triggered by a change in the length of daylight hours and food.

gouldian finch white breasted double factor yellow back male

Types Of Gouldian Finch Mutations

Gouldian mutations are very uncommon in the wild as the bright colors are very easily spotted by predators.
There are many color variations which have have bred in captivity over the years.

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Gouldian Equipment


Candling Torch

The candling torch is used to inspect gouldian eggs in the early stage of nesting. It is used to check if a birds eggs are fertile or not.
The light is placed up against the egg.


Gouldian Finch Leg Rings

There are two basic types of gouldian finch leg rings. These are the split leg ring and the closed leg ring.
Split gouldian finch leg rings are very easy to place an the gouldian finches leg. It can be fitted at any time and at any age.


Hospital Cage

The hospital cage is a very important piece of equipment for any finch breeder.
It is used to keep a sick finch warm in climates that are quite cold.
Learn how to build one that works to help save the life of your sick birds…

More Types Of Goludian Equipment